Psychics & Healers

Victoria Llamas

  • Positive Tarot Certified

  • Energy Healer

  • Clairaudient

  • Claircognizant

  • Karmic Disconnection

  • Spiritual Channeler

  • Regression

  • Transmutation Meditation

  • Let Go Process

Since childhood, Victoria has been very connected to the spiritual realm. At first, she couldn’t comprehend all the strange phenomena occurring around her until she reached early adulthood. She began to understand her communication with spirit and fully step into her power. Using her natural gifts and intuition, Victoria connects to source quickly and delivers any messages, and guides you to the path of healing, longevity, joy and happiness. 

Sessions are available in person, by phone, and online through Zoom.

Call 619-296-1560 for more information and to book your appointment today!

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